Solo exhibition by WES 21 / Remo Lienhard

Back from a studio scholarship in Berlin, the artist from Biel, Switzerland, is showing his latest works in Bern. With his paintings, Remo Lienhard creates impressive visual worlds that captivate the viewer. They show representational motifs borrowed from nature and civilization, which he painterly fuses into stylish subjects. Each work tells its own story, draws utopian visions or illuminates the artist's astute observations.

"The Missing Link" is Lienhard's fourth solo exhibition at Galerie SOON and presents itself in a production that builds a bridge to past exhibition and collection concepts. The exhibition situation ties in with the early modern „Kunstkammer“ and cabinets of curiosities that rulers, princes and scholars established in the Renaissance and Baroque periods. These collection rooms, in which precious works of art, rare natural objects, scientific objects and curiosities from foreign worlds were stored, constantly amazed visitors.

Lienhard defines his depictions of imaginative situations, hybrid creatures and surreal landscapes, which fit effortlessly into this context, as natural-historical fiction or illusory reality. The unmistakable visual language, which the gifted painter has consistently developed and refined for dozens of years, is certainly also decisive for this. His artfully created works not only impress with their love of detail, sophisticated composition and colour palette, but also skillfully and innovatively transform old masterly traditions into our future.